Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy at Cayon Dental

Your teeth consist of tiny passages that enlarge from the crown to the end of the root known as root canals. Each tooth has anywhere in the month from one to four of those canals. Spreading of infection is possible to the pulp & the part of the teeth containing nerves, blood vessels, & other tissue. If left untreated, these infections can ultimately have an effect on the root of the tooth & cause pockets of pus to expand, that may cause an abscess. The inner portion of the teeth also can come to be damaged due to horrible damage. Ache & sensitivity are frequently the primary signs of trouble with the internal tooth.
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In case if are experiencing any one of the symptom below contact you dentist now .
  • A toothache
  • Sudden sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Swelling in your gum or face
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • A sudden but persistent bad taste in your mouth
An immediate action, can save your tooth/ teeth with root canal therapy.


  • A root canal is essentially painless, prevents tooth loss, and stops tooth loss, and protects your oral fitness.
  • A root canal is gentle technique with comfortable treatment, A root canal is more uncomfortable than doing a filling treatment, thanks to local anesthesia and present-day techniques. Meanwhile, it is able to stop the ache of a teeth infection.
  • Root canal therapy helps in eliminating the need for tooth extraction. Able to remove infected tissue, the healthful outer surface can continue to contribute to chewing and other capabilities. The remaining teeth structure is typically restored with a crown.
  • A dental infection can affect surrounding teeth and gum tissue. It is able to additionally purpose deterioration of the jawbone. So prompt treatment helps you to avoid serious oral health problems.
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A root canal commonly requires one to a three visits to complete. with the help of local anesthetic the dentist starts via drilling a small hole within the cap of the tooth to attain the internal chamber. All the infected tissue is extracted, & the chamber is very well wiped clean & disinfected. The chamber & root canals are filled with fabric & medicine to save you an infection. A temporary filling is positioned over the hole within the pinnacle of the tooth till a permanent crown may be made. Maximum of our patients say that the system is more uncomfortable than a fashionable filling. In maximum instances, the restored tooth can last up to a natural enamel.

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