Sinus Lift at Cayon Dental

Another grafting methodology called a lift graft or essentially a sinus graft is utilized to allow the substitution of upper teeth that are situated almost a thin sinus wall. The maxillary sinuses are vacant pockets situated behind the cheeks or above the upper teeth. Normally, the foundations of certain upper teeth venture up into these sinuses, and when these are missing, just a slight layer of bone is left to isolate the maxillary sinuses and the mouth. Since this wall is very thin, usually difficult to put dental implants in the area. For quite a long time there was no alternative for missing teeth in this portion other than dentures.

Today, the sinus lifts graft, which is performed by our dentist here at Cayon Dental, revises this circumstance by increasing the bone in the area. During this method, the sinus layer is lifted upward, allowing donor bone that inserted into the base of the sinus or top of the upper jaw. Through the span of a couple of months, the bone turns into a strong piece of the jaw, enabling dental implants to be put and settled in the portion.

At times, the sinus lift system can be performed while placing the implant, yet this requires enough bone to be available between the base of the sinus and the upper jaw edge to balance out the implant sufficiently during the recovering procedure. In case the situation is different, the graft join will be performed first and given a while to recover before the implants are set.