Deep Cleaning at Cayon Dental

Deep cleaning is completely different from regular teeth cleaning. Most importantly, the deep cleaning itself is especially an established dental treatment. The specialized term is a “root scaling and planing,” and it’s for a long time been a part of a dentist’s standard methods. Deep cleaning is significant for re-gaining loss of attachment, treating gum deflation, and preventing tooth loss occuring because of periodontitis or serious gum contaminations.


The dentist will utilize their instruments to scrape away plaque and tartar on the exterior of the enamel up under the gums, not simply along the gum line like in routine cleaning. They’ll additionally reach up along the underlying roots of your teeth to smooth the softest cementum superficially to keep plaque from shaping in uneven spaces. The whole procedure takes around 45 minutes for each quadrant of your mouth; upper left, upper right, lower left, or lowers right. It might even take various sessions to treat each of the four affected portions. The dentist may likewise prescribe a supporting treatment called local delivery antimicrobial or brand name Arrestin. This is a method for putting drug or antibiotic directly in explicit zones to help remove contamination and bacteria. This is a brilliant new improvement in the treatment of periodontal ailment!

In case you feel little uncomfortable and unpleasant about root scaling and planing we can give you local anesthetic to numb the sensation.

Cayon Dental is our guarantee to you, regardless of whether it’s standard cleanings, deep cleanings for periodontal disease or restorative cosmetic procedures. The expense of oral healthcare services like a dental deep clearing isn’t out of reach.